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October 23, 2011 by Ellen V

Mama and Papa K were in town this weekend to visit Eric and me–and the Baby Bump, of course. We’ve been meaning to start a little project, so we took the opportunity to put them to work!

We’re going to “put up” the nursery over the course of the next few weeks, so I wanted to make sure we got this wall art project started. Eric and I found a great package of flash cards at a garage sale ($4) a few weeks ago, and our inspiration ran from there. We spent about $7-8 on frames from GoodWill. Eric and Mama K started by painting those black.

Eric and Papa K prepping the frames

While the frames dried, we used the backings to cut appropriately sized scrapbook paper ($8 for the package, of which we have a lot leftover) and glued them to the cardboard backings for the frame. Papa K meticulously measured for proper placement, while the rest of use worked on our gluing skills and top coated the frames.

Brings you back to kindergarten...

A few hours later? Masterpieces! I love them and can’t wait to hang them up!

Ready to hang!

3 thoughts on “Arts and Crafts

  1. YFA, K says:

    So very CUTE! Awesome work!

  2. […] this post from two years ago at about this time? I remember that weekend well. My parents came, and while it […]

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