Our Pending Turkey Day Feast


November 14, 2011 by Ellen V

With clearance from my Baby Doc, Eric and I are hitting the road and visiting the K Family for Thanksgiving. I am counting down the days! Lucky Papa K is getting brand new knees just a few days before one of his favorite holidays, so my siblings and I are charged with making the Feast. All of us grew up in the kitchen (though we often spent more time eating than cooking), so we’re looking forward to making a mess of delicious food. My sister and I had a long discussion about menu planning and the like this afternoon, and it got me thinking about the best turkey recipe ever, the new dessert I’d like to try, and the K Family Creamed Peas Tradition. My mouth is watering already!


4 thoughts on “Our Pending Turkey Day Feast

  1. andrea says:

    my mouth is watering at the creamed peas…. 😀

  2. Brian Koranda says:

    I heard Mr. Turkey say…….

  3. pinklaundry says:

    Gobble, gobble, gobble!

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