Merry, merry

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December 2, 2011 by Ellen V

I spent a little time working up some seasonal magic for our home this afternoon. I dug up the last of the cardstock leftover from our wedding programs to make some Christmas gift tags from freebie internet designs and reworked two wreath frames into something new and different for this year. My only goal? Everything had to be free.

Our Advent wreath looked a little lonely on the table by itself, so the smaller wreath was covered in red fabric, and then I added a little brown fabric and twine to keep it homey. I thought about trying to cover the lumps, but I decided they make me happy. So that’s that.

The other wreath was covered with red and white ribbon and hung (using an upside-down 3M hook on the inside of the door) from our hall closet. It looks a little ugly now, but I’m hoping it gets filled with very merry Christmas cards over the next few weeks. 

Eric and I used additional 3M hooks (my only purchase for decorating) to hang our stockings, too, so our home is starting to feel a little more in the spirit. Now… where’s the snow?


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