The Most Wonderful Time: Part II


December 14, 2011 by Ellen V

It’s impossible not to be happy and grateful at this time of year, I think. Even through the busy-ness of the season, there is something magical about December that keeps me a little more together.

At a little over 37 weeks pregnant, I have officially entered the waiting stage of this pregnancy. Trust me, Advent means a little more to me this season. I think both Eric and I are battling the desire to meet our little girl with the desire to enjoy a few more quiet days together. The best and worst news is that we don’t get to choose. This Type A Mama just has to cool her jets!

We had the absolutely surreal experience yesterday of being in the labor and delivery unit of our hospital (finishing our baby class) and bumping into acquaintances from our church who just happened to have had their baby that morning! We met the new little girl and talked to her mom and dad, who were both just absolutely radiating joy. It was so encouraging! Top that with the fact that my cousin just had the cutest baby ever, and we’re definitely feeling excited, anxious, and nervous. We’re so happy to be sharing in these other families’ joy while we wait!

In the meantime, we’re trying to live our lives as usual. We’re tying up loose ends (we found a babysitter!), trying to enjoy the season (I made these on Monday night), taking advantage of our little free time (remember that deep clean?), and relaxing when we can. We’ll take your happy thoughts if you’re willing to send them our way!


One thought on “The Most Wonderful Time: Part II

  1. LK says:

    I keep coming back to re-read this. It’s so JOYFUL! It IS a wonderful life.

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