2012, Here I Come


January 2, 2012 by Ellen V

The New Year’s weekend festivities were a blur in the V household, although we did get some company from Mama and Papa K and Sisters A & K. Sleep deprived as I am, I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to review last year’s goals and set some new ones for 2012. Best of luck to all those with happy resolutions!

2011 Housekeeping Goals:

This year I will…

  1. …learn to use my sewing machine!
  2. …create one new sewing project a month. Not quite, but pretty close!
  3. …walk Dallas the Dog more often.
  4. …participate in Eric’s resolution to bake a new loaf of bread each day week. Nope, not even close.
  5. …plant more garden veggies.
  6. …continue to work on our budget, especially when it comes to saving more and chipping away at our student loans.
  7. …repaint and recover a bench for our porch with Mama K.
  8. …take care of myself so I can take care of my family, my friends, and the people I love most!
  9. …blog often and honestly, so I can track my progress (or lack there of).
  10. …invite more people to our home for dinner, drinks, and general merriment.
  11. …be patient with my mistakes and be proud of my successes! If I am honest here, I’ll say that I haven’t been as patient with myself as I need to be. Here’s to a fresh start!
2012 Housekeeping Goals:
This year I will…
  1. …be patient with my mistakes and proud of my successes!
  2. …with Eric’s help, bake one loaf of bread a week.
  3. …stress less about running, exercising because it feels good and is good for me.
  4. …have less screen time, whether it be television, computer, phone, etc.
  5. …consume less.
  6. …keep weekly logs of my spending.
  7. …find time to regularly visit family.
  8. …work efficiently so I can spend more quality time at home without sacrificing my work.
  9. …learn how to take naps!
  10. …learn how to make one homemade item per month.
  11. …help Eric with our chores more consistently–even the ones I don’t like doing.
  12. …enjoy as much quality time with Eric, Dallas the Dog, and teeny tiny Jane as possible!



One thought on “2012, Here I Come

  1. Wishing you success in 2012. I had to smile on number 11:)

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