For Every Season There Is A (Cran)Berry

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January 20, 2012 by Ellen V

Our very last CSA box of the year came at the end of November, and we were surprised to find some cranberries awaited us! The holiday season and some major pregnancy was happening in the V household, so we froze them for a treat later this winter.

A few days ago, I used some of the cranberries to make these scones. They turned out pretty well, I think. Or at least Eric is pretending to like them! I substituted about half the flour for wheat flour (a common practice in our house) and was in a pinch for buttermilk, so I substituted the 2% we had for that, as well. I think buttermilk would have made the texture a little more “scone like”, but over all, they were certainly edible!

At Eric’s request, I’m looking for another recipe that uses fresh or frozen cranberries (not craisens!) to continue the cranberry joy. Martha has this tart, and it looks simply delicious, but it looks a little time-intensive for our lives at the moment. Let me know if you have suggestions! In the K house, they would have been strung with popcorn and hung on a tree long ago…


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