Take Two

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January 23, 2012 by Ellen V

Jane celebrated the one month anniversary of her birthday on Saturday, so we couldn’t resist capturing the moment! We Googled ideas and tips (like this and this), Eric busted out his nice camera and recently fixed portrait lens, we set up a space, I dolled Jane up a bit, and we got to work. We lucked out with a sleepy, cooperative baby this time around. We’re hoping to continue the trend over the following months!

Saturday's Photo Shoot

One of the most difficult things for Eric and I about planning for a baby (not about having the baby itself–that’s a whole different world entirely!) has been figuring out what will be important for us to spend, splurge, and save on. We wanted to splurge on sturdy items that would last through more than one child, if we are so blessed. We wanted to spend on items that would keep our little one safe and happy and things that we would use every day. And we wanted to save on diapers (we’re using gDiapers with cloth inserts), on clothing (we’ve been gifted so much, gotten plenty of hand-me-downs, and a bought a few things from thrift stores as necessary), and, finally, on pictures. While the latter is an area many families choose to splurge in, Eric has nice photography equipment and enough know-how to get us some great pictures without having to sacrifice in another area. For us, this makes a lot of sense! We started with some Christmas photos shortly after Jane arrived home from the hospital, and these one-month pictures have turned out really well (at least, from what I can see by looking over Eric’s shoulder as he edits!).

We’re looking forward to capturing candid moments with our iPhones and our point-and-shoot and making sure to create a time and space to get some really nice photos when we can, too. I can’t wait to get something framed and put up!


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