Beginnings: Homemade March

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March 7, 2012 by Ellen V

We need some wet bags!

We have been cloth diapering Jane and LOVING it, but our system for washing is a bit flawed. Right now we have a very small, lidded trash can in her room for wet and dirty diapers. It takes less than a day to fill the can, so we empty it often by taking the bag of dirty diapers to our laundry area. The diapers are washed once every two-three days.

The biggest problem we’re facing is that we currently line our garbage can with shopping bags; however, since we typically use reusable shopping bags, we have quickly run out…

…which brings me to a solution:

DIY Drawstring Wet Bags

I plan to use this tutorial.

This March project is, then, one that is coming out of necessity. I hope to use laminated fabric to line at least two bags and flannel to line the other two for a total of four bags. I may make a fifth small bag for travel. My sewing skills continue to be a little weak, so I hope for lots of luck as I embark on this project!

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