Homemade Projects: March


March 28, 2012 by Ellen V

At the beginning of the year, I made a list of the DIY project I would accomplish to complete my New Year’s resolution of saving money and/or the environment by making more things at home. My March project got thrown to the wayside, though, in favor of something else that was a more pressing need. So I’ve scraped together a few moments here and there as I’ve become a working mother to throw together some wetbags to hold our cloth diapers!

We’ve loved cloth diapering and we have a great system worked out for cleaning them. We first toss them into a lidded (and lined!) small trash

Jane, loving her gDiaper!

can in Jane’s room, carry the full liner bag to the basement about once a day, and then wash the diapers about once every two-three days. We’ve been amazed at how easy the diapers are to clean–even the big messes!–and at how well the “dry bucket” system seems to be working so far. And we love, love, love our gDiapers. The cloth inserts are earth-friendly hemp, the disposable liners are a good biodegradable option when we’re on the road, and they make Jane’s little tush look adorable!

The only problem we’ve experienced is that we are running out of plastic bags to line our trash can with! We had never thought about the liner problem. But since we try to use reusable bags for grocery shopping, we quickly ran out of bags to line our trash can with! We want to continue to be as eco-friendly as we can with our cloth diapering, so buying bags or quitting our reusable bag habit seemed like bad options.

Enter wetbags.

I’m still struggling to develop my sewing skills, but a found a great tutorial here for reversable drawstring bags. The bags are about the right size for our small trash can, and the drawstring is perfect for closing the lid on stinkier messes. I used my brand new laminated fabric for one side of

The equipment--all the essentials!

the bag and some extra cloth I had around for the other side. I had enough laminated fabric for two bag “insides”, and just regular cloth for both the inner and outer shells of the third bag. I think the regular cloth will work fine, but the laminated cloth will always be the best.

The masterpiece!

These were easy enough that I will probably attempt to make a fourth bag for road trips and a fifth bag to give to a good friend who is expecting a little girl in July and planning to hop aboard the cloth diaper train!

2 thoughts on “Homemade Projects: March

  1. LK says:

    Love it! You done good, girl!

  2. […] road and most especially when Jane was very young and needing to be changed every hour or two. I made some and bought a few. I’m now considering investing in some of these, now that our grocery bag […]

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