When Clutter Happens

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April 9, 2012 by Ellen V

We survived last week and the weekend! Hooray! We celebrated yesterday with leftover desserts from church, a Mexican feast (including some variation of this homemade taco seasoning), and lots of naps for everyone. We loved doing vegetarian Lent again this year, and we’re hoping to stick to the routine, for the most part. We may have to pick a new fast for next season!

The weeks ahead are much quieter for me, at least in comparison, and I’m looking forward to more evenings at home with my family. Double hooray!

Next on my list of “to dos” is to make real progress on my nasty habit of “piles-as-organization.” It drives Eric nuts and, frankly, it doesn’t work as well as I’d like to believe. I finally cleaned out a purse yesterday that I hadn’t used since before Jane was born. Ouch.

not good.

I am, believe it or not, still keeping up with my Decluttering 2012 project and I look forward to getting a handle on all the “stuff” again. Happy Spring!


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