Real Life


May 1, 2012 by Ellen V

Lots going on here in the V household, so much so that we’re just trying to stay on top of it all.

We’re trying to eat more real food (and cut down on both my stop-for-coffee-and-breakfast temptation and my super-processed-and-sugary-cereal temptation) so we’ve been making lots of breakfasts. Homemade pop tarts and breakfast burritos were both a hit and freeze wonderfully. Eric whipped up some granola (my favorite! he uses this recipe, I think) and some homemade power bars, which he loves. In an effort to get rid of a few unneccesary pantry items, I made two batches of cookies this weekend and froze the dough, Mama K style. I’m looking forward to having a ready-to-go dessert whenever we need one!

Because of the nature of Eric’s work at the moment, we have to budget much differently in the summers. We’ve been much better this spring–our third as a married couple–about socking some away so we’ll have it when we need it. I’m going into this summer much less nervous about making ends meet. It must be all those personal finance blogs I’ve been reading!

And, among the rest of all that, we’re trying to enjoy our time with Jane, who just seems like a new, more grownup version of herself almost daily. We have lots of babies and weddings to celebrate in the near future (for others, of course!), and that shower I’ve mentioned is coming up this weekend. I’m trying to live in the moment, cherish every second with my family and friends, and allow the happiness to rule the stress.

Where did April go, anyway?

One thought on “Real Life

  1. LK says:

    I was going to bring you some cookie dough for our next visit! You beat me to it. Oh, well. I’ll think of something else. Requests???

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