Homemade Projects: April

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May 4, 2012 by Ellen V

It’s been on my wishlist to make homemade yogurt for about a year, but I put it off again last month in favor of another, slightly easier project. One that didn’t involve a candy thermometer.

I made homemade perfume instead!

Eric and I are still on a mission to cut corners where we can, and I know that buying cologne and/or perfume is an infrequent but expensive purchase. When I saw a simple recipe for homemade perfume, I figured I’d give it a try. I needed a “carrier” oil that was good for the skin (I went with jojoba–Eric needed some, too, for his own crazy project), and essential oils for “base notes” and “middle/top notes.” Eric had several types of essential oils hanging around for making things smell nice, and he even had some empty glass bottles! So, all in all, the project cost little to nothing. I did a little research to figure out what oils were good bases and tops, and I ended up combining cedarwood (base) and spearmint (top). The second time, I added just a few drops of rosemary (middle, I think) to round it out a bit. It sounds like a crazy combination, but it actually smells very light and pleasant!

The first time around, I used way too little of the essential oils. I was careful because all my research stressed that a little goes a long way. I had to add several drops of each to get the right combination. Also, I’ve seen it recommended to use a bit of pure alcohol to make the perfume longer lasting. I will definitely try that next time!

All in all, a success!


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