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August 24, 2012 by Ellen V

If you’re still following me (and God bless you if you are!) you can see that I’ve taken it pretty easy blogging this summer. August, especially, has meant more evenings at home, and we’ve filled our weekends with all sorts of fun things, and I’m just trying to soak it all up.

We have had all sorts of fun in the last few weeks. We hijacked Mama and Papa K’s Door County vacation for a weekend, we were in a wedding (yes, all three of us!), and we spent time with extended family at The Lake. We’re finally home for a weekend, and I couldn’t be happier. Jane and I haven’t spent time alone together in this house in weeks. I’m grateful even for this morning!

happy, rested baby

One thing that has changed for the better in our lives is that in the last month we have finally, finally gotten Jane on a predictable schedule. I wanted her to take the lead on scheduling, and she has always been such a little sleepy head that I was afraid a schedule would keep her from getting all the naps she needed. I’m glad to have been proven wrong! She is so happy to be getting her long rests. And because she has regular nap times, we can schedule outings knowing when she’ll be in the best spirits!

Of course, Jane’s schedule has gotten me thinking about my own. I watch her and wonder, “Would I be happier going to bed at a consistent time every evening, even on the weekends? Would my outings be more fulfilling if they were scheduled for my most energized parts of the day?” I’ve been trying to schedule my productivity at work and at home around these concepts, and I think it’s working. My thyroid has given me lots of trouble post-pregnancy, and it has doubled my need for rest and good health.

Funny what you can learn from an eight-month-old.

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