absence makes the heart grow fonder?


October 22, 2012 by Ellen V

Have you missed me?

Things have been a little busy here at the V house, and I let the blog go by the wayside for a bit. Never fear, though, all is well! We’re just having too much fun lately to sit down and mull over it!

By request, I’m going to try to return to at least semi-regular posts. I’ll commit to it at least through the end of 2012. That’s for you, Sister A! And perhaps because I like it. At least a little.

A few things that have been going on around here…

…we sadly said goodbye to extended V family who live in Wisconsin just for the summer. We’re already looking forward to seeing them again! Let the count down begin!
…we welcomed lots of visitors over the last few months, especially extended K family, who have kept life exciting.
…we dealt with a scary visit from the croup monsters that resulted in an ambulance ride, an overnight in Children’s Hospital, and a bunch of bills I’m not too excited about. Thank you, God, for health insurance.
…we have learned a lot about making baby food and are finally transitioning out of it! I loved the late night steaming and pureeing adventures with Eric, but I think we’re both ready to start skipping a step or two!
…I spent my first night away from Jane (no tears!) for an adventure that Eric and I will be talking about for weeks. Loved it!
…we are officially over ten months into outside-the-womb parenthood and loving it. We’re looking ahead to Halloween, Thanksgiving, a first birthday, and a Christmas celebration, all with a happy, energetic little girl!

happy, energetic little girl

More to come soon!


2 thoughts on “absence makes the heart grow fonder?

  1. LK says:

    Glad your back!

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