dog hair, toy dumps, and falling leaves

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October 30, 2012 by Ellen V

I’m working late tonight with a little time to kill in between things (for once–usually Tuesdays are a bit wild!). I’m sitting here with about 30 minutes to kill before things ramp up for the rest of the evening, and I’m wishing I could spend those 30 minutes doing one of the ten (million…) things that need to be done at home. Most likely, though, I would end up spending the 30 minutes on the floor playing with Jane, though, so I guess I shouldn’t have too many regrets! Better to spend a few minutes here gathering myself now so I can hit the ground running tomorrow evening.

Cleaning up lately has been a never ending battle.

We’ve been dealing with the dog hair for several months now. Our beloved Dallas is a sweet collie mutt, and she sheds like you wouldn’t believe. We’ve always had to stay on top of the vacuuming. As Jane has grown, her love of putting tiny things in her mouth has grown, too, and she can spot the smallest bit of fur from the next room in the blink of an eye. We are vacuuming every other day, and it still doesn’t seem like enough.

Add to it the leaves that are now being tracked in, and we’re really in trouble. Leaves are much more interesting than the dog hair that Jane has been eying for months now, and they must also taste better considering how often I find them in her mouth. And of course the leaves in the yard need to be taken care of again, too. Geesh.

And on top of it all, one of Jane’s newest favorite activities is emptying containers. So on top of the dirt and the dust and the dog hair and the leaves are toys. And books. And whatever else Jane can find that belongs in a bucket or box or bowl.

Never. Ending. Battle.

There aren’t really any solutions to speak of here. We just keep vacuuming! So this is more of a post to complain than anything. But I know some of you feel my pain. So when you’re vacuuming for the second time in a day (or knowing you really should but deciding against it) remember that I’m there, too.


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