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November 7, 2012 by Ellen V

I wrote and rewrote a post a few times for today, but everything I started to say was way deeper and more philosophical than I really feel. Our next president has been (re)elected, and whether you are rejoicing or sorrowful the sun will continue to shine and life will move on. We lost a relative early in the week and will make a quick trip to the homeland to celebrate his life and spend a little time with family. Jane is walking all of a sudden, and everywhere, and it’s amazing how she seems to just change in front of my eyes. And my awesome husband scooped up this little find at our public library’s book sale fundraiser last week. Who else knows my love affair with vintage etiquette books?

I know all those things don’t seem to go in the same paragraph, but they do. This is our November, people. It’s cold and damp and dark sometimes, and it’s sunny and warm and bright sometimes, and its real life. Big stuff and small stuff. And we’re pretty happy most of the time, so I think it’s probably an okay life, too!

If you want something a little less… whatever this is… then go check out this a-ma-zing recipe for spinach tortellini soup that’s cheap and delicious and feeds a crowd and we eat all the time.

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