chocolate for breakfast


November 17, 2012 by Ellen V

this morning’s chocolate goodness. not even trying to hide the remnants of last night’s bottle of wine.

Eric gives me kind of a hard time about my breakfast choices, but he’s away for a few days so I’m taking advantage of some freedom from… well, a hard time.

My biggest breakfast guilty pleasure is always chocolate. I don’t allow myself more than a cup of coffee a day (something I’m trying as a part of getting my thyroid under control), and chocolate with coffee is such a delicious combination. Luckily, I had the ingredients around to try two different combinations of chocolate with pastry that I could bake in my very own oven. The first was chocolate-filled crescent rolls, and the second was chocolate-filled puff pastry. Yes, I know, I’m a little self-indulgent, but you only live once, right?

Anyway, both were delicious (obviously) and had their pros and cons. I will probably make both again, though only when the right combination of ingredients present themselves. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

You can see from the photo I’m posting a cup of coffee and a to do list (staples of my Saturday morning) along with the remnants of a bottle of wine from last night’s clothing swap. It was so awesome! I totally recommend everyone doing them all the time. Loved! If you want to do it, let me know and I will drive to where you are.


One thought on “chocolate for breakfast

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Chocolate for breakfast is never a bad idea.

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