things are mostly good

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November 20, 2012 by Ellen V

When things are mostly good, and some things are not so good, I think, “That’s pretty normal, so I’m happy.” And things are mostly good! Success!

Thanksgiving is two days away, and I am truly blessed. In no particular order, things I am thankful for at this very moment:

  • An eleven-month-old usually healthy, very energetic, great sleeper of a baby-almost-toddler who constantly reminds me that there are only two emotions that are very useful in life: upset-so-do-something-about-it and filled-with-joy.
  • A husband who takes care of me, takes care of our spawn, takes care of our dog, and our house, and our cars and very rarely complains about it all (even though he probably should). I am not quite sure he realizes yet that I actually got the better end of the deal by marrying him, so please don’t tell him.
  • Health insurance! After having a baby, having a host of pregnancy and post-partum thyroid issues, and having a crazy croup emergency, I will never take health insurance for granted! I will also continue to promote the need for universal healthcare in this country to anyone who will listen.
  • Extended family who are willing to come to us and willing to babysit anytime they can.
  • Work, especially work that I love and makes me feel fulfilled, and especially in a time when so many people are without work. Every day when I leave Jane, I try to remind her that I love her and I will miss her, but that we are so grateful that Eric and I both have work and that it helps our family take care of one another.
  • Awesome childcare when Eric and I aren’t around, especially Renee and Kenzie. They are super duper great.
  • A church community, a neighborhood, and a host of friends who care for me and my family.

There are so many things to be grateful for. Today, I’m especially thankful for a lazy weekend ahead to be shared with Eric and Jane and the coming Advent season which is always filled with hope in a special way. Have a wonderful holiday!


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