lonely little sewing machine

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November 25, 2012 by Ellen V

I’m back from a lovely little holiday with my family. We had a great time together. We missed our extended family this year, but we loved some quiet time and a chance to reconnect. We got back on Saturday evening with enough time to settle in.

Today, I’m mostly happy, but as I glanced over at the basement desk on my way to start the laundry this afternoon, I decided I’m feeling a little sad for… my sewing machine.

Since Jane has begun to move about and sleep less than 23 hours a day, my sewing machine has pretty much remained untouched, with a few very minor exceptions. I have some great fabric that’s just dying to be used, and plans for the fabric, too! I want to make snack pouches! A dress for Jane! Alter some clothes! Christmas decorations! Everything!

Unfortunately, the time just hasn’t been there… maybe the next time Eric is brewing beer in my basement, I’ll join him down there and work from my sewing table… choose a project, cut some fabric, start some prepping and pinning and hemming… doesn’t that just sound lovely? For this Advent, I wish for myself a break from the exhaustion I usually feel by 7:00 p.m. (inspired from work or Jane or my thyroid or maybe all of it together), motivation to indulge myself in projects I enjoy, and the ability to say no, even when I don’t have a good excuse. Luckily, Advent doesn’t start for another week this year, so I’m hoping to use my “extra” seven days between Thanksgiving and Christmas to get my act together. May Advent be filled with peace, hope, and joy for you!


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