goodbye for now csa box


November 29, 2012 by Ellen V

I have mixed feelings to see our CSA end for the season. On one hand, I’ll miss having a huge box of organic, delicious, fresh veggies every single week. I’ll miss having things to plan our menu around. I’ll miss our seeing our friends, who we split our share with, swing by to pick their portion up each week.

But I won’t miss all the veggies I never know what to do with… flopped recipes for food I’ve never cooked with before… eating tomatoes or squash or whatever the vegetable of the month is until I feel like I’m going to cave and just order a pizza!

Eric picked up our last box of the season on Tuesday. I’m committed to using as much of it as we can, so even though our last attempt at Brussels sprouts was an epic failure, I wanted to try again tonight. Praise God that I did! I found a life changing recipe. I actually really like Brussels sprouts, but Eric really doesn’t, so I was challenged to find something he could tolerate and I would love. This recipe makes me want to go out and buy a million more sprouts and cook them up and eat them all weekend. Delicious!

This last box and I will have a few more fun times, and then I’ll have to wait until June for another. In the meantime, back to grocery shopping on a more convenient day of the week and menu planning around whatever is on sale/sounds good/suits our fancies. Life is good!


One thought on “goodbye for now csa box

  1. Tammy says:

    One of the greatest things about our CSA is that I’ve had to figure out how to prepare things that I don’t love. I’ve overcome beets and now, on to turnips.

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