oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree


December 12, 2012 by Ellen V

We are throwing a little bash for Jane’s first birthday in a few days, and I’m starting to feel a little sad about not having a Christmas tree. Okay, I know birthday parties and Christmas trees don’t necessarily go together for most people, but I come from a family with lots and lots of Christmas birthdays, and I think homes should feel holiday-festive for all the events of the season! Plus, they smell good, you know?

When I inquired about a Christmas tree this year, Eric gently reminded me that 1) Jane’s not really a “be gentle with the Christmas tree” kind of girl and 2) we’re not going to be at home for Christmas anyway. Solid, practical points, which I agree with, at least in a logical way. But I grew up with giant, real trees in our living room, lights you could see out the window. I miss them when I don’t have them! So my solution is a lit tree on the wall. Do you think I could recreate this?

Jane couldn't do that much damage to this, right?

Jane couldn’t do that much damage to this, right?

I’m sure we’ll have plenty of cheer (Christmas, birthday, and otherwise) with or without a tree. But a few strings of lights and a pine scented candle wouldn’t hurt!


One thought on “oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

  1. LK says:

    We can’t wait for you to join us and enjoy the Koranda Christmas tree. It still smells GREAT!

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