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December 14, 2012 by Ellen V

Excitement is building at the V house–we get a major dose of family time, beginning tomorrow and not ending until Christmas! Mama and Papa V come tomorrow for the weekend, Sister A arrives on Sunday for some quality niece time during her break from school, and then we will take a little road trip to see the rest of the K family for a little while. Fun, fun, fun!

The best part about this Christmas is the memories we’re building with our own little family unit. I love the idea of tradition, but the interwebs will have you believe that if you don’t start your traditions now, you’ll miss out. Oh, Pinterest, I hate-love you. I’m doing whatever I can to avoid the pressure of starting our traditions today and instead enjoying today. If we build good memories, we can pick and choose which things we continue from year to year. Follow my logic?

If this season’s highlights are visiting Santa or a messy first birthday cake or discovering a first big snowfall, so be it. Next year might be all about sledding and The Polar Express. Or seeing the lights. Or putting up a tree. Or a trip to Texas. I can’t wait to see what the future holds, but I’m content making this year great!

In case you’re bored with today’s rambling, coming soon: a first birthday party report, a rant about wrapping paper, and an in depth (ha!) discussion regarding the pros and cons of slow cooker hot chocolate.


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