a rant about wrapping paper


December 19, 2012 by Ellen V

While we at the V household may be a little less present focused than some at this time of year, we certainly enjoy the giving and getting that comes with this part of the season. Who doesn’t? But one thing I hate, hate, hate to buy is gift wrap. Paper and bags and boxes and bows all just kill me. But, of course, I still like a gift to look pretty… oh, the torture!

For the past three or so years this hasn’t been too big of a deal. We were married in January 2010 and had Jane in December 2011. Between the two major events, and the parties and showers that went with them, we had enough saved ribbon and bags to last until… well, until about now. I even ran out of tissue paper that didn’t have pink polka dots! Horror!

This season, I had to get creative. Or give in.

Most gifts this season got wrapped in repurposed paper bags and tied with cloth ribbon left over from a baby shower craft from the spring. Yep, brown paper packages tied up with string style. In our family, there are many, many December birthdays, so some of my remaining baby-celebration tissue and bags were able to be made into something that resembled a birthday gift. And I did have to break down and bust out our only roll of wrapping paper in the house–a Sponge Bob Christmas paper that Eric has had since before I met him.

I think all the gifts are wrapped in a passable way, and I managed one more holiday without giving in to purchasing gift wrapping supplies. Think I can make it another year? If I was really good, I would have taken on this, this, and this Pinterest inspiration… Pretty and fun, right? But who has time? Next year, people. Next year.


One thought on “a rant about wrapping paper

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