year one


December 21, 2012 by Ellen V

Dear Jane,

A year has come and gone so quickly, how is it possible that it is December 21 again?

I remember all my preparations and worry and wonder and hope for you to come into the world. Your dad and I planned and prepared. We took classes and read articles. We celebrated and prayed and washed tiny little onesies in anticipation of the one who would wear them.

On the day you were born, I had so much doubt that I would be able to help you come into the world. But, with the help of your dad and a few other people, you and I were able to get you out of my belly and into my arms! When the doctor placed you on my chest and I saw your dad start crying, I felt the same relief and joy in my heart that he wore on his face. Finally, I could hold and kiss my little Jane Elizabeth!

Every day since that one has been filled with adventure. Your laugh is infectious and your toddling keeps us on our toes. You love music and reading and naps and dogs and drinking through a straw and apple sauce and the outdoors, and you hate socks and hats and being held and onions. You learn some new trick every day.

I find myself so hopeful for what the future holds for you. I know your next year will be every bit as wonderful and ridiculous as your first one has been. I pray that you continue to be the bright and loveable little girl I have gotten to know, the person that God means you to be. You are loved!



One thought on “year one

  1. LK says:

    What a journey it’s been and will continue to be! We love you, Jane! G’ma Weezy & G’pa Brian

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