raspberry milk and other wonderful things

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January 4, 2013 by Ellen V

I put away Christmas this morning, which is always a little sad, but it wasn’t too bad this year. Our collection of Christmas crap stuff seems to have doubled. How can that be? We have so much more kid stuff this year. I love remembering the joy of the last few weeks and I’m so excited for years to come. No room for too much sadness in all that!

In other news, we’re trying to adjust back to normal after the holidays around here. Jane’s the only one having too hard a time, of course. I’ve been around a lot more, so it’s hard on her for me to go to work again. Next week is especially crazy, so I’m bracing myself for that. I’m hoping that by mid-January we’ll be back to the routine. Adding to her struggles are molars popping though and her transition to milk from formula. At first, I thought it was going so smoothly, but this week she will hardly touch the stuff. Last night, I through a bunch of milk in the blender with a handful of frozen raspberries. Guess what? She’s totally in love. Begged for it this morning. Cried when her cup was empty. I’m so grateful! I know we’ll have to wean her off (who wants to be blending milk and raspberries every morning? Not this girl!), but for right now I want her to be drinking something. So if she loves a few raspberries in her milk, let’s do it! I’m on board! I’m picking my battles.

Other wonderful things: lots of time with friends in the last week and coming up, a trip to the zoo planned tomorrow (thanks Mama and Papa K!), and the weekend ahead to take it all in. I’m making serious progress already on my resolutions, too. If I can get a nap in this afternoon, I’ll really be in good shape. Sometimes I just have to remind myself: life is actually pretty good!


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