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January 11, 2013 by Ellen V

I’ve been reading a fantastic book a great friend recommended. It’s called and it’s so ridiculous. I want to read it all the time and then eat only spinach for a week and adopt an Ethiopian baby.

Instead, I started in on my day’s chores, and I noticed that the kitchen was on my list. Instead of the usual stuff (clean the floor, wipe off the counters, etc), I did a quick sweep for consolidation/decluttering/procrastination. I found an old recipe box that I had bought for magazine clippings in the pre-Pinterest era. I’m so excited! I need a place to organize coupons–which I’m not very good at using, perhaps because they have no home–AND I can actually use the recipes if I bookmark or Pin the websites. Double win!

So happy Friday to me and to all of you. We’re looking forward to a visit from Mama and Papa V, a speaking engagement, dinner with friends, and a tiny bit of downtime this weekend. I hope you and yours are off to do something wonderful, as well!

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