wanting what you have


January 14, 2013 by Ellen V

I started writing a post about budgeting and shopping and all this nonsense about how I’m not going to be a cog in the consumer system any more, blah, blah, blah, but then I realized that I am totally a cog. Ugh, I’m working on it!

The reality is, we live in a society that rewards good behavior with stuff, and I’m not really sure that even the most well-intentioned person can get out of it very easily. I certainly do a pretty good job of convincing myself that I need the latest and greatest whatever. And even if I don’t need it, surely my daughter deserves it!

Mama and Papa V visited this weekend, and they made me so grateful. They did bring Jane a few things (three or four books and a couple of toys), and she loved it all. The grateful part, though, was that it was all used–toys from when Eric and his siblings were young. In the K family, we’re not really savers, but even my Mama K has made a commitment to purchase most of the toys and clothes she buys for Jane at garage sales. And Papa K made her a busy board for Christmas without purchasing a thing. So even if we’re accumulating in our house, at least these few things are not accumulating on the earth.

Now, if only I can learn from their examples and find peace and contentment with my own stuff… there may be a spending fast in my future… anybody with me?

2 thoughts on “wanting what you have

  1. Good for you Ellen. I would like to think I have done some of what you are trying to accomplish but maybe I did it from necessity. anyway whatever works. give Jane (and Eric) a hug from me.

    • Ellen V says:

      I think you probably have done this quite well, Grandma! We have a lot to learn from your generation–necessity or not! Lots of love from our house to yours!

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