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January 19, 2013 by Ellen V

Last weekend I managed to get away with making some homemade make up remover using all stuff that was already hanging around my house. It works great. It’s pretty much the same as recipe as my baby wipes, so I guess that makes some sense? Water, a squirt of tear-free baby shampoo, a squirt of baby oil. It does the trick, which is a huge relief because that stuff is expensive and yes, Mom, I do wear mascara daily (pretty much) so it’s become a necessity.

This weekend I’m hoping to have time to whip up some of these.  I bought the store-brand kind a few months ago and while they’ve been awesome, they are also expensive and, because they sit in the bottom of the disposable diaper pail and the cloth diaper pail, they either get thrown away or into the laundry by mistake. I want to keep using them, so this seems like a good, much cheaper alternative!

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