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January 22, 2013 by Ellen V

I have a few (billion) theories about why Pinterest is so successful, but one of them is this: we enjoy doing things ourselves, and when we do them well, we are proud of them! I don’t think there is any shame in that pride. In fact, there is much honor and goodness is the realization that you have built/cooked/made/shared something special for yourself, your family, or a friend.

This weekend we managed a few homemade creations. In addition to the usual meals and such, I mean. I got a wild hair on Friday afternoon to rip up an old t-shirt and make some headbands (both these and these) for Jane. They were so easy and turned out really cute! Sunday, I made my little diaper pail disks, as promised. They smell great! I’m looking forward to replacing the store bought ones that, frankly, really, really need to be replaced. On Sunday night, Eric and I used the apple peeler/corer/slicer that Mama K passed down to him at Christmas and whipped up some yummy apple sauce.

the source of so much happiness

the source of so much happiness

A few comments about that last thing–the apple thingy. I have never seen a man so excited to receive a twenty-year-old, used kitchen appliance for a gift. He kept it on the counter for two weeks, and every day or two he’d pick it up, take it out of the box, and just tinker with it. He loved using it so much. I think there will be many apple-y things in my future. I have a really wonderful picture of him staring lovingly at it, but he won’t allow it on the interwebs, and I have respectfully complied. If I know you, just let me know and I will email it to you for future blackmailing purposes.

All in all, we had a very restful weekend, which was nice since the week-in-progress is a little nuts. I am so looking forward to a date night on Thursday night. There is a chance Eric might ditch me to hang out with the apple peeler instead, though. We’ll have to wait and see.

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