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January 27, 2013 by Ellen V

Jane is far from advanced when it comes to her language skills, but she has one phrase/word that she has become famous for: “hereyago.” Hereyago can mean “I brought this for you to have” or “I would like that please” or “thank you for giving that to me” or “I love this thing that I’m holding.” It’s really quite a versatile word.

Today, after I got home from work, Jane and I had a few hours to ourselves, but I had a few things that needed to be accomplished, so I inherited a helper. Luckily, Jane is very into imitating Mom and Dad–especially our chores. She “helped” with laundry (hereyago bringing shirts and socks and towels to Mom and Dad, hereyago to please help her hide under the sheet) and she “helped” so much with unloading the dishwasher that I thought we might have a few broken plates on our hands (hereyago trying to lift the heaviest or sharpest things she can find). Jane also “helped” shovel from our little snow dump this afternoon, and afterward we built a snowman, which she hereyago’d so much she decided it needed a kiss (or nine or ten).

snowman kisses

snowman kisses

I can only hope the helping continues and perhaps gets even more productive. A girl can wish, right? Hereyago 🙂

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