Resolution Check In: February 2013

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February 1, 2013 by Ellen V

I am bound and determined to stick with my resolutions this year, so I plan to check in over the course of the year for accountability. I’m pretty happy with things so far, but (of course) there is some big ol’ room for improvement.

2013 Goals:

This year I will…

  1. …bake bread twice a month. Check: three times in January!
  2. …give up meat on Fridays. Check: I unintentionally ate some leftovers for lunch one Friday that included a few pieces of chicken, but otherwise this has gone very well.
  3. …write in a daily gratitude journal. Check: I only missed a handful of days in January–less than five.
  4. …accomplish 12 projects I’ve Pinned. Check: including food, I managed to complete at least six projects, with a handful more in progress.
  5. …lose the last few baby/thyroid pounds to get back to my goal weight. X: I have managed to not to gain anything, but I haven’t lost either. I’ve had a running injury, which certainly doesn’t help. The good news is that my thyroid levels came back normal last week for the first time in almost two years, and I’m hoping to get back to running within the next few weeks!
  6. …increase our savings to what it was before Jane’s birth-related hospital stay and croup-related hospital stay. Check: We’ve gained a little in savings, but not as quickly as I’d like.
  7. …save enough slush fund to buy myself (or someone I love) one treat a month. Check: I managed to cross off two things on my wish list and I’ve almost got enough socked away for the new pillows I am hoping to buy in February!
  8. …transition Jane to a bed and break her of sleeping with a pacifier. X: The pacifier is my first goal, but I’m waiting until after a plane trip late this month to work on it.
  9. …create and order a 2012 photobook. X: I thought for sure we’d do this by the end of January. Whoops.
  10. …find a cleaning schedule that works and stick with it! Check: I am really, really happy with the schedule I have made for myself, even though I skipped a few days. I was even more realistic with my February schedule, so I think it’ll go well. Bonus: I have finally made making my bed a habit–that has never been a part of my routine before!

My focus for February will be getting that photobook taken care of, among other things! Also, Lent begins in a few weeks. I haven’t finalized my plans, but I assume it’ll add a few more goals to my list.


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