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February 8, 2013 by Ellen V

Eric is at a conference this weekend, so I’m using a few hours of free time to work on some odds and ends of toy management and prepare ever-so-slightly for a basement facelift this spring. I have a tendency to purge more often than necessary (is it possible to over-unclutter?), but surely there are some toys–rattles and such?–that could be put away for now. There is a huge pile of blankets in the basement that are rarely, but sometimes, used, so I’m trying to decide what could be put away and where. The goal is to make it a space that is comfortable for frequent playing. I’m hoping that by May or June it feels like a play space, and a small basket of toys in the living room will suffice for sometimes use. We’ll see…

Papa K has agreed to build (or repurpose an existing piece of furniture) into a play kitchen for Jane. You can see some of my inspiration for pretend play here. Jane loves to “help” in the kitchen already–loading and unloading the dishwasher, opening and shutting cabinets and drawers, and especially watching while we are cooking or baking. Wednesday morning she put the remote in the dishwasher. Super helpful. Although she did get it right into the silverware basket, so I guess I should be thankful her fine motor skills are improving? Perhaps she’ll do a little better having a kitchen of her own. One can dream.

If the play kitchen I’m hoping for becomes a reality, though, the basement will need a much bigger change–at least in furniture placement–than rearranging or putting away a few odds and ends. I’m pretty stumped about how that will happen, but I know Eric will have some good ideas and we’ll get there. We’re so lucky to have the place and the space we do, even though it seems cramped sometimes. One thing at a time!


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