new pillows


February 14, 2013 by Ellen V

Is a post about pillows Valentine’s Day appropriate? I think yes.

I think I have been wanting new pillows for about a lifetime. I seem to remember a time when I bought a new pillow once, but that was long before my wedding. Perhaps it was even before I moved to Wisconsin? Needless to say, a pillow update has been needed for quite some time.

After lots of researching and putting money aside from this or that, I bought two highly rated, but still within my price range, standard pillows, and then splurged on one for me and one for Eric that were made for our sleeping habits (a side sleeper and a toss-and-turner, respectively). The new guys arrived at the house on Monday and Tuesday respectively, and I feel so refreshed already. Eric, who has complained of bad sleeping for approximately three years and one month, promised me that, while he wasn’t sure he had a better night sleep, he did feel like his head and neck felt better in the morning.

Now I have four used pillows that need a home! I learned how to wash them from Martha, and I’ve been researching how they might best be repurposed. I think that Jane might like something like this? If she doesn’t love them now, she definitely will someday soon!

One thought on “new pillows

  1. Jen says:

    Congrats! I’m so glad you reminded me about the pillow mattresses. I pinned one over s year ago, but as I hope to get sewing classes for my next birthday, I may now make it happen:)

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