areas of excess: food

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February 20, 2013 by Ellen V

Week 2 of Lent begins today, and Sister A, Sister K and I are focusing on food. For the next 7 days, we’ve all committed to limiting our purchases of foods to those that have seven ingredients or less.

I’m not too worried about this one, as Eric and I mostly “shop the perimeter” of our grocery store, anyway. The only concern might the few days of the next seven that I’m on the road. Sister A and Sister K are advising me on what is acceptable (and what is not). Hopefully they’ll have their text alerts on for emergency inquiries!

Other big challenges, I suspect, will be: carbs (bread, pasta, breakfast food… I have to use what I have or make it myself. Yikes), chocolate/desserts (pretty much nothing pre-made or processed in any way is going to fly), and snacks (yep, everything is pretty much off limits here).

Wish me luck!

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