areas of excess: food – an update

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February 27, 2013 by Ellen V

I feel like I got away with something this past week.

My way around the food challenge? I just didn’t buy any.

With our travel, we were being fed by family half the week. We mostly avoided meal times during our actual travel days.

Negatives: I cheated at least once. I ordered a sandwich and carrots for a work lunch yesterday. I think the bread is the only thing that wouldn’t have passed the Sister A and Sister K test. I did grocery shop once. The only thing I missed buying? Again, bread. I am a carb lover. I need to bake my own bread more often.

Postives: I used up a ton of food we had in the house, which I guess was part of the point. I am paying more attention to how much processing certain foods go through and their weird ingredients. And I actually did stop myself from buying several things that are bad for me, including the caramel macchiato that was calling my name on Sunday morning! (Yes, I cheat on Sundays. But only with the coffee thing.) Finally, I did go grocery shopping once, just last night, and I shopped only dairy, meat, and produce. So there.

Confession: I bought tortillas at the store last night. I almost shopped only dairy, meat, and produce.

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