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March 6, 2013 by Ellen V

All right, people. Week #4. This is where the rubber hits the road.

Media Week.

Sister A and Sister K intend to go all out, hardcore this week. To be honest, I’m just not sure I can do it. Set the bar high and see where you end up, or set the bar low and just try to get over it? I’m going for the latter this week. Survival is my middle name.

While I think Sisters A & K intend to ban all forms of non-work-related electronic media from their lives for the next seven days, I, on the other hand, am taking the wide, easy road and focusing in on my trouble spots: iPhone and television. My goals for the next seven days?

  1. No iPhone while I’m at home, except for calls and my alarm clock. My plan is to turn the sound on so I can hear it ring if I need to. But no apps–Facebook, Pinterest, Blog Reader, you’re dead to me. Most nights, the minute Jane is in bed, I’m messing with my phone non-stop for 2+ hours. This is neither productive nor interesting for me or anyone else. As Eric says, “Your phone is taking away your freedom. That should trouble you.”
  2. Though we don’t have cable, I love me some Netflix, and we usually watch 2-3 episodes of something every night, and I usually watch much more on Fridays and Saturdays when I’m home from work. Since Eric isn’t doing this with me and I’m not out to punish him, I’ll allow one TV show a day, and he can choose it. He will choose Lost, which he’s already been through twice. Fine, whatever.

That’s it. I know, I’m totally taking the easy road this week. But we’ve waste, spending, and stress left to go, and I’m doing this all without coffee. So give me a little break, okay?


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