areas of excess: media-an update and, also, waste

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March 12, 2013 by Ellen V

All in all, Media Week was pretty wonderful. Limiting myself to one television show a day and putting the phone away while I’m at home are things I should be doing anyway. I didn’t do anything crazy this week, my “sacrifices” were pretty easy, but I do think these are sustainable habits. This week was a lesson in “Doing What I Should Be Doing Anyway.”

Tomorrow begins Week #5 (really?!), and our focus for the week is Waste. Since Sister A isn’t checking email much (media week), and Sister K mostly doesn’t answer emails without prodding (sorry, K!), we haven’t really figured out a game plan. Eric and I are pretty good about waste management in our house. We compost, we recycle, we are weekly users of reusable grocery and produce bags, we keep a bin of scratch paper in the office, we even make our own reusable dryer sheets. So, unless someone helps me come up with another brilliant idea, my goals for the week are as follows:

  1. Check our recycling bin every day and take it out as needed. Sometimes, the only reason we don’t recycle is because the bin is full and we’re too lazy to take it out. For one week, at least, I promise this won’t be a problem!
  2. Be attentive to what I throw away, both at home and at work. I throw away or recycle a lot of paper that could be reused (reusing is almost always greener than recycling), and I could definitely be more attentive to what gets trashed vs. placed in a recycling bin.
  3. Limit water use. I love me a good long shower, but not this week! Short showers, full laundry loads, and no dumping fresh drinking water (at least give it to Dallas!) are in the cards for Week #5.
  4. Educate the families with whom I work about care of the environment. The timing for this happens to work out very well with my work plans for the week ahead. Hooray for killing two birds with one stone!

Four weeks down, three to go!


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