march madness continues


March 14, 2013 by Ellen V

Ugh, it is officially mid-March and I feel every bit as frazzled as I look (which is very, very frazzled. I won’t frighten you with a picture).

I have 17 days left of crazy before blessed April arrives, and I know that my family, my house, and my very tired self will continue to show it. Eric is, as usual, rising to the occasion. He and Jane have been making regular trips to the free indoor play area at the nearby mall (apparently my Aunt Laurie calls them little petri dishes. I call them a little bit of indoor awesome as I’m totally done with winter, but winter isn’t done with Wisconsin quite yet). We’ve been eating a lot of eggs and sandwiches and pizza, and that’s when I’m home. I hope Eric is finding something besides dried black eyed peas and breadcrumbs to feed himself and Jane. We are holding fast to commitments like our monthly date night, but most of my so-called social life has been tossed out the window. See you in April, friends…

In the midst of it all, we have rekindled our love for Mint, I am still daydreaming about nursery and basement makeovers, and we managed to pump out a second round of homemade dog treats since the first was such a hit. So enough whining. The days are clicking by and we’re getting our act together. And we’ll get back into the groove come April 1!


3 thoughts on “march madness continues

  1. Laurie says:

    Use that hand sanitizer! ; )

  2. […] week. Not good timing, that’s for sure! Surely they have nothing to do with our trips to the Petri Dish at the local […]

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