fifteen months in


March 23, 2013 by Ellen V

As of Thursday, my sweet “baby” Jane is a solid fifteen months into life outside the womb. I know it’s not a milestone, but I feel very nostalgic about it, even more than I did at her first birthday. She has been walking for ages, she protests when I say no, she knows all my hiding places when I’m tired of reading her the same book over and over, and now I’m not sure I can pretend that she “just turned a year old.” This girl is not a baby anymore!

On the other hand, it’s been ridiculously fun to watch Jane grow into toddlerhood. She is independent and unafraid, but she likes reading books as much as she does climbing all over the furniture. She continues to be off the charts in height. I dream of her as a totally fierce volleyball or basketball player, but I imagine she’ll be as uncoordinated as her parents. Sorry, Dear Jane.

two cool ladies

two cool ladies

In the spirit of remembering this time in our lives (since, sorry Mama K, it might be awhile before we’re at this place again), a few of our favorite things:

  • blankets, of any size, shape, or color, are wonderful for just being under
  • though we held out for a long time, we’ve given in to the world of Elmo, Big Bird, and the rest of the Sesame Street gang, if only for a few minutes a day
  • our gDiapers are holding up well, and we’re happy that Jane is happy in them
  • although every week or so I tell myself I’m ready to take away the ultimate crutch, we’re still allowing the pacifier in the crib (and in Mass, too. I’m not gonna lie, that thing has been a lifesaver during long services!)
  • flashcards are a favorite activity. Jane is quickly learning the names of everything, and she loves picking out the right card when we ask for it. But, let’s face it, she also loves dumping them, picking them up, and rolling around in them.
  • kids! Jane doesn’t get a lot of time with other little humans, so when she sees them, she chases them around and squeals!
  • kisses. It melts my heart that she kisses all the things she loves–her favorite foods, her baby doll, and her mom and dad. As long as we keep that for a while, I think I can deal with everything else.

In the midst of all that is going on for me at work right now, it’s such a blessing to remember all I have at home. Here’s hoping for another great 15 months full of joy and surprises!


2 thoughts on “fifteen months in

  1. I thought life with my kids got even BETTER around 15 months. Enjoy!

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