areas of excess: shopping-an update and stress (finally!)

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March 26, 2013 by Ellen V

Well, I can see the finish line, people. We’re wrapping up Week #6 today and Wednesday begins the journey to the end.

Shopping Week went… okay, I think? I definitely did spend money. I kept careful records:

Wednesday: a necessary Home Depot errand and one drink + tip at a bar for a baby shower planning meeting, the only place where these things should be held
Thursday: a haircut + tip
Friday: $0
Saturday: Trader Joe’s (we were out of whole milk!)
Sunday: gas and our weekly grocery shopping trip
Monday: $0
Tuesday: staff lunch

So, really, I only actually succeeded at the goal of not buying anything 3 out of 7 days, which is a miserable percentage, BUT I also managed to not once buy something that hadn’t been scheduled or planned weeks ago. No stops for tea or breakfast, no consignment sale finds, no quick stops at Target for this or that. So, while I certainly didn’t succeed at not buying anything for a week, I did alter my lifestyle in many concrete ways this week. And I liked it. I’m not sure that it made me a better person, but sometimes the point is just to interrupt your life and make you think about the reasons for your fast, and I certainly did those things. As much as I thought the week was a good one, I am likely to stop for tea tomorrow morning on my way to work!

Our last half-week of Lent is devoted to stress. In 7, Hatmaker focuses her month of improving stress in her life by making Saturday a Sabbath for her and her family and finding time for 7 moments of prayer each day. Since this is boiled down to just 5 days for me, and since these 4 of these 5 days are the busiest of my work year, I am focusing on attending Holy Week services and praying them well (I’ll be at some sort of church service 4 of these 5 days) as well as taking Easter Sunday off from any kind of exercise or chores. We’ve even been invited to an Easter feast at someone else’s house! Hooray! I know A & K are both taking some time off for Easter to spend with our parents, so I think they’ll be able to de-stress a bit, too. We’re lucky people.


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