Easter Recap


April 1, 2013 by Ellen V

After a long Lent and an exhausting Triduum, we had a great Easter on Sunday. We went to a small but beautiful church service early in the morning, and then stopped for coffee (!!!) on the way home. Our local coffee place was giving out free Peeps, and Jane had a blast chomping on one. Friends of ours (or, more accurately, parents of friends of ours) invited us over for an Easter meal, which was such a blessing. Not only did I not have to plan anything more than a dish to bring (which Eric took care of for me), they also spoiled Jane rotten with an Easter basket filled with goodies and even an Easter egg “hunt,” which she adored. I didn’t bother with either of those things, but it’s clear that we’ll have to do it in the future. She even brought her eggs into the bath with her last night!

We had a truly wonderful day yesterday, and I woke up this morning with a fresh outlook on it all. Spring is (finally) upon us, and I’m ready for whatever it has to throw at us. Happy Easter to you and yours!

Peeps at Stone Creek

Peeps at Stone Creek

Easter Egg Madness. Can you see the pure joy?

Easter Egg Madness. Can you see the pure joy?



One thought on “Easter Recap

  1. LK says:

    What Easter should be for all of us….Wonder & Joy! Thanks for the happy reminder!

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