April 19, 2013 by Ellen V

Jane is at the age where sharing comes somewhat naturally. If you ask her for anything (even her most coveted items–her pacifier, her favorite toy) she’ll hand it to you immediately, but she also expects that if she asks you for something and makes her sign for “please,” you’ll give it to her, no matter what.

So far, this isn’t too much of a problem. Jane’s not with other kids enough to see on a regular basis that she won’t always get what she asks for, and she generally doesn’t ask for things she’s not allowed to have.

The best part about all of this is the relationship between Jane and Dallas. They have gone from indifference to pure love, as Dallas is regularly getting snacks from Jane. While this is somewhat annoying for Eric and I, it’s mostly cute and harmless. We’re happy to see the two getting along so well!

sweet sharing

sweet sharing


2 thoughts on “sharing

  1. naimavanswol says:

    Ha! I love this. My son has always loved dogs, since he was tiny and imobile, in an exersaucer, our dog would lick his face while he giggled with baby delight. Babies and dogs are basically the best things in life.

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