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April 27, 2013 by Ellen V

Jane and I had a bit of a girls’ weekend while Eric and Dallas spent some time catching up on work and preparing the lake for Mama and Papa V’s arrival. I love every minute with my little girl, don’t get me wrong, but the thing about spending time with Jane is that I tend to feel a little cooped up. We’re tethered to the house by her nap schedule (still holding steady to two naps and a 7:00 p.m. bedtime at 16 months), eating and diapering habits, etc. To make matters worse, it’s gorgeous out in southeastern Wisconsin this weekend. The sunshine is just calling for me to go! and do!

So what’s a good mom to do? Plan a playdate, of course! We managed to convince one friend and her toddler to meet us at the park for an hour yesterday, but after no less than six contacts, I couldn’t find a soul to come over for a free meal and some play time. [Insert gasp and exasperated looks here.] Plans on a Friday night? How dare they?!

It’s not like we sat in the house all day, don’t get me wrong. We had our Open Art class in the morning, we played in the park with our friends after lunch, and we even busted out the Cozy Coupe before dinner. But I am so ready for the time with friends and out in the sun that the nicer weather will bring. And perhaps this summer we’ll be a little more able to go! and do! than last. Here’s hoping!


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