resolution check in: may 2013

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May 1, 2013 by Ellen V

We’re four months into 2013 and it’s been three months since I’ve done an accountability check in regarding my resolutions for the year. I can’t believe how quickly it’s flying by!

2013 Goals:

This year I will…

  1. …bake bread twice a month. X: I did really well with this until April. You’ll notice that a lot of things went to pot in April. Anyway, I only managed to bake a carb once in April, and it wasn’t until the end of the month; however, I did it five times in March. Hoping to get back in the habit for May!
  2. …give up meat on Fridays. X: I gave myself a lot of allowances for this in April and really only managed one meat-free Friday. Whoops.
  3. …write in a daily gratitude journal. Check: I was 30/31 days in March and 27/30 in April. Not terrible, I’ll give myself this one!
  4. …accomplish 12 projects I’ve Pinned. X: Ugh, this has been bad. Considering how much I love Pinterest, I should really be doing more. In January and February I did 5 things each month, I did three things in March, and nothing in April. Double whoops.
  5. …lose the last few baby/thyroid pounds to get back to my goal weight. X: My weight has been completely stable–no gains or losses–since January, no matter what I do. Very frustrating!
  6. …increase our savings to what it was before Jane’s birth-related hospital stay and croup-related hospital stay. Check: We’re doing very, very well in this area! Hooray!
  7. …save enough slush fund to buy myself (or someone I love) one treat a month. Check: My big gift to myself in April was a diaper sprayer. We’ve had it for two weeks and I have yet to use it, though! I don’t know if that’s great timing or terrible timing, but Eric promises me it was well worth the money.
  8. …transition Jane to a bed and break her of sleeping with a pacifier. X: Yep, still managing to push this off. We’re hoping that Jane can transition to one nap from two this month, and that she’ll be tired enough to not notice a little thing like a missing pacifier. Easy, right? Ha.
  9. …create and order a 2012 photobook. X: Umm… how is it May and we still haven’t done this? Shameful.
  10. …find a cleaning schedule that works and stick with it! Check: Okay, at least I can end on a good note! April was my best month in this area, and I feel like I’m really getting into a routine. The weak spot is definitely the upstairs bathroom, since Jane has to be awake and we both have to be home in order to give it the cleaning it needs. But I’m glad that I’m accomplishing everything else in a timely fashion and noticing where our trouble spots are!

This check in seems pretty discouraging, but it was the post-Easter burn out that really got me. The last two weeks have been much, much better, and, now that the sun is out a little more and I’ve got thyroid and vitamin D meds all figured out, my energy levels have gone way up. The pacifier and the photobook are still big priorities right now, so hopefully I’ll have good news for May!


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