for the mamas (and the papa)


May 12, 2013 by Ellen V

This week before Mother’s Day has been a strange one. Eric’s paternal grandmother (aka Grammy) passed away last Friday, so he spent the majority of the week in Texas celebrating her life and mourning her death. In the short time we had to consider how our family would participate, we landed on the best-but-not-great scenario of Eric going while Jane and I stayed back. I spent some extra time with Jane and leaning on some awesome Mamas I know. Consider this a tribute to them.

Grammy’s passing certainly made me thankful for the strong women I’ve grown to love in Eric’s family. I’m so glad I got to meet Grammy, and I’m so thankful for Mama V and for Grandma, too. I’m so glad Jane has their genes.

I’m thankful for the women in my own family tree, especially Grandma Q and Grandma K. They are very different women, but both are so courageous and independent and faith filled. I hope I honor that tradition!

I am grateful for Mama K, who gave birth to me on a Mother’s Day almost 29 years ago–and that’s saying something, considering I was a 10-pounder! Words aren’t enough, but let’s just say she knows me well enough to give me a garbage can for my birthday. Love, love, love.

In the midst of the crazy week, it just happened to be our regular sitter Renee’s last week for the academic year (fingers crossed, she’ll be back). She lives next door to us and has not only loved and cared for Jane, she has also guided me so much through this first year and a half of motherhood. Praise God, she only lives about 10 feet away. I am not sure I would have made it this far otherwise!

And I have so many aunts, sisters, friends who are all mothers by nature or by spirit that I am so humbled by and thankful for. You give me hope and courage for tomorrow!


One thought on “for the mamas (and the papa)

  1. LK says:

    Well said, Ellen! None of us did this job of motherhood alone. I’ve had great role models along the way, too. I’m still learning, though. Thanks for continuing to teach me how to be a mom. You honor us by being a great mother every day. Love you!

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