adventures in excess: round 2

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May 21, 2013 by Ellen V

In case you thought I was over my obsession with Jen Hatmaker’s 7… you were wrong.

Some friends and I, seven in total (of course) including the oh-so-awesome Amy who introduced me to the book, are going through the group study. I’m not going to blog about it so much this time around, since (a) I know that you’re probably sick of hearing about it and (b) I have a solid group of gals that are meeting up to discuss this on a regular basis, so I’m getting plenty of opportunities to unpack the experience.

There are a few changes happening this time around that are making a good deal of difference, though, so I did think I could at least share those. For one, Eric is more or less participating with me (or, at least, I’m being a little more upfront about what I’m hoping to do and inviting him to join me), and that is very helpful. Also, the local support group is a huge benefit (not that Sister A and Sister K aren’t the greatest, but they get it). The greatest part, though, is getting a chance to revisit the same great concerns and dwell on them for another seven weeks. In a good way, that is.

Since its more of a family affair this time around, too, I’m changing up the fasts and enjoying the fruits of that. It’s funny how things are hitting me differently this time around. I enjoy the spirit of fasting–a little less to make room for something more. We could all use a little of that.


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