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June 19, 2013 by Ellen V

We’re about half way through our summer vacation. We’re hoping it’s going to be one of those “in like a lion, out like a lamb” kind of trips, as we began the trip with a few not-so-fun adventures that involved spending much of the day on Saturday in Urgent Care and having to skip a few of our planned visits with Jane’s great-grandparents. We’re on the mend now, though, and things have been busy and fun.

These slow summer days in southern Minnesota remind of me of the summers of my youth. We play hard in the sun, get bit by swarms of endless mosquitos, and sleep comes early and easy. Our plans revolve around finding water sources to play in and what our next meal will consist of. Mama K is helping Jane get better at walking down stairs. Eric restrung Papa K’s old guitar so we can have dance parties. Sister A and I have been on two runs together. The grill is well-used, we’ve made a pretty big dent in the beer supply, and we’ve seen lots of good friends of all ages and stages. It’s a happy week, and we’ve got a few days left to squeeze out of it.

a quick photo before a walk at the local fairgrounds

a quick photo before a walk at the local fairgrounds


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