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June 27, 2013 by Ellen V

IMG_2038I have been pretty lazy about following up with the loads of fun project ideas circling around in my head. I have a great fabric stash just waiting to be made into some perfectly useful stuff, among other odds and ends hanging out in my corner of the basement. Part of the issue is that I need to finish the current looming thing before I start much else.

Since February or March, at least, I have been cutting and tying and braiding old t-shirts into what will someday be, I can only hope, a rag rug for Jane’s eventual big girl room. I don’t crochet, but I know that would have been the easier way to go about this. Maybe next time. For this rug, I’m hand-stitching the braids together with some sturdy quilting thread. I’m about a tenth of the way there. Most of the online tutorials I’ve browsed (my favorite linked to above) say that you can sew these beasts together with a sewing machine, but I’m just clumsy and careless enough to break mine with a project like this, so I’m not risking it. I’m hoping to get everything loosely (but carefully) sewn together and then to go back and reinforce any gappy or knotty areas. I would like to be able to throw it in the wash if necessary without fear of it completely unraveling.

The supplies have been out on our dining room table, right in front of my face, for easy and accessible work. Eric might argue that this isn’t the absolute best place for them. I’ll figure that out tomorrow. For tonight, I’ll spend an hour or two continuing my progress while we catch a few more episodes of Lost. If I’m diligent, I think I could get it finished by August?



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