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June 29, 2013 by Ellen V

The weather is cool today, at least for late June, but it’s sunny and beautiful and we needed a breather from the heat and humidity for the last week. It rained most of the morning so we traipsed through the indoor areas of the zoo for a couple hours and then came home for lunch and rest and chores and errands. I got home from the grocery store, the sun was shining, and my eyes feasted on our little crops. Don’t they look so pretty and healthy?

cute little guys, aren't they?

cute little guys, aren’t they?

We’ve got carrots, basil, cilantro, tomatoes, and peas. The basil wasn’t grown from seed, but everything else was (Jane was smelling it oh-so-sweetly at Home Depot, how could I refuse her some basil?), and it’s our first time ever growing anything from that immature state. Everything is probably about two weeks behind where I’d like it to be for this time of year, but as long as we don’t get too early a frost I think there will be plenty of time for it to bear fruit.

Confession: most of the garden box in the back looks like junk. Really, it does. I just checked. It’s just too shady and too accessible to critters, I think. Plus, it’s just hidden enough to get ignored a lot.

But we’ve got our pots, grown from tiny little baby seeds in egg cartons on our kitchen window sills. I’m counting that as a success!

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