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July 3, 2013 by Ellen V

We hosted a cookout for a handful of couples (plus Jane and another little, M) last night and it was quite lovely. Lovely enough that I was too busy enjoying myself to snap even one picture. The weather was a little cool and for a July evening, and rain threatened, but we ended up being able to play outside, gab, grill, drink, and otherwise be merry.

Eric and I like hosting potluck gatherings with good friends. They’re a little easier on the pocketbook, obviously, but, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, they also allow everyone to contribute and consume guilt-free! I love the array of sides and desserts that come with a potluck, even a small one, and the knowledge that everyone will stuff themselves and still have to take home the leftovers. So on that note, Eric grilled burgers and hot dogs and I put together a huge salad from our fresh CSA veggies, picked up earlier that afternoon. We shared water, lemonade, and a few growlers of beer Eric picked up from our neighborhood’s brewery. Papa K made me a set of bags a few years ago, and we busted them out, along with all the folding chairs we own in addition to the patio set. In all my simplifying and reducing and decluttering, I’ve never once been tempted to give away a folding chair!

Jane was only awake for the very beginnings of the party, but she seemed glad to have friend M there for that short time and, even more, to have the attention and the extra strawberries. It’s so fun to watch her become a social being! She obviously gets it from her father, who thrives off things like getting six days notice for hosting a cookout for twelve.

I love this group of people, some old friends and some brand new, so even though I’m not as happy in a crowd as the rest of my family, I was thrilled to spend the evening among friends. I worked today, of course, but feel like it was such a great start to a happy, joy-filled holiday weekend! Happy 4th!


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